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Great music is made by great humans.

We show off the brilliance of all the musicians we can by getting to know them and their stories.


Basically, we want to turn the global music community into one big group hug.


  • On our podcast, we talk to great indie musicians to get to know who they are and why they make the music they do. 

  • Our website regularly features and reviews artists’ new songs and albums.

  • You can also enjoy performances by many of our featured artists in our monthly online showcases.



Podcast Host and Sonic Dad

Russ Stone is an avid listener to both music and people. He’s into all kinds of music, from pop to jazz to viking metal, which is a thing according to Google. He plays piano and writes music in his free time. He also loves to cook and is currently working on a Master’s in education. But above all else, he loves to connect with other people and learn about who they are. This podcast is his attempt to put it all together and connect the humanity of musicians with the soul of their music. 


Producer and Sonic Mom

Annie Nirschel is pretty sure she's the other person Russ is referring to when he says "we" on the podcast. She is a singer and animator from New York who loves birds and shouting into the void. Sonic Smoothie is her way of replicating the sense of community she felt as a Brooklyn musician and outgoing introverted raccoon person.


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Gordon Goldberg is a vegetable salesman operating mainly out of farmers’ markets. He has always been a huge music fan, except he loathes Beethoven. He recently discovered that he is capable of writing eloquently and poetically, although he had never previously written a single word in his life. Mr. Goldberg maintains a plant-based diet, owns an extensive vampire memorabilia collection, and is an amateur soccer player. He also sings karaoke but is really bad at reading the words.



Tracy is an educator, costume designer, and gossip queen who explores the concept of self identity through the medium of short films. She sometimes listens to music but usually doesn’t hear it because she’s yelling. Never one to mince words, Tracy always says exactly what is on her mind and also she thinks that dress would look better on her than it does on you. Her opinions are her own and do not represent the views of Sonic Smoothie or any other rational people. 

Dug is an agricultural inspector who comes from a large family. He’s not really into music. He spends most of his time on farms, and his favorite thing to listen to is the sound of the wind blowing through cornfields. He took an unpaid internship with us because his job has been slow and he has too much free time. We occasionally get him to write but he mostly just wastes our time talking about his job, which he really seems to miss when he is away from his beloved farms. He also litters his writing contributions with references to corn, which we think is highly inappropriate for music reviews.

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