"Bang Bang" by The Oddysy ft. Chuck D

Despite the title “Bang Bang”, it is a call for peace, a call for acknowledgement.

The duo are forthright and rock solid with their jazz riffs and “meditations in an emergency”. While watching the excellent accompanying video I kept thinking back to an interview Jack Kerouac did late in his life with the poet Aram Saroyan for the “Paris Review”. Saroyan asked Kerouac, “Why have you never written a book about Jesus”. Kerouac, prematurely aged and dissolute, responded, “You insane phony, that’s all I ever write about”.

That lesson resonates, because artists, like Kerouac or Chuck D. or any original who operates on the edge, must remain true to some overriding core belief. Fantastic to see Chuck D. amidst all the “Sturm Und Drang”, sticking to his belief.

Seeing Chuck D in a new video is not dissimilar to seeing Cervantes, Proust or Little Richard in a new video. An artist, who created a social upheaval, a disrupter, long before that was a word, is welcome at any time. Seeing an America artist of such importance and impact is thrilling.

Compelling and hypnotic song by The Oddysy with the help of Chuck D.

- Skye Whitney

Pop Journalist and Mad Men Binger

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