"Blackest Hole" by Adam Wedd with lyrics by Melissa Rieger

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

Released on 08/28/2020

One of the, as yet, unwritten outcomes of the great pandemic of 2020, is the preponderance of deeply wrought and emotionally fraught music created over a wide range of platforms. Adam Wedd and Melissa Rieger's heartbreaking “Blackest Hole” fits seamlessly into that niche’.

It is a beautifully executed, elegiac song of lost love and loneliness, sharpened greatly by the desolation accompanying the virus. All pretense is stripped from this song with its spare accompaniment and inexorable, sad lyrics coming from somewhere deep in Wedd’s soul.

Impossible not to envision the singer staring out a window; lost, questioning if his love “was ever enough”.

This is blue eyed soul of the highest degree. I believe every word he is singing, am touched by his lonely plea.

The pandemic has struck a mighty blow against solipsism. It has taught hard lessons about the need for community, the need for love and connection.

"Blackest Hole", plaintive and unadorned, makes a very strong case for these lessons of the pandemic.”

- S.W

Pop Journalist and Mad Men binger

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