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Brandyn Killz on his Uplifting Anthem, "Losin' It"

Updated: Mar 28

San Diego-based "electronic soulpop" producer and singer Brandyn Killz creates powerful, life-affirming bops that'll get you out of your chair and turn your pandemic home office into a temporary dance floor. His recent song "Losin' It" is a great example of this. It is a whirlwind of lush synths, erupting drums, and infectious vocal lines. The song contains relatively mellow, relaxed passages that crescendo into frenetic choruses that bulldoze you with joy and stick with you for the rest of the day. Read what Brandyn has to say about the song below.

1. What can you tell us about the song?

“Losin’ It” is a fighter’s anthem. It’s one of those songs you can use to encourage a friend or give yourself a boost. It’s an instant invite to dance your troubles away with me.

2. What was the process of creating the song?

Milad E, the co-producer, reached out and asked to work on something together. We chatted about what sound I was looking for and after a week or so, he sent over the instrumental to “Losin’ It.” I was instantly in love. I added a few synths, wrote the lyrics, and recorded the vocals.

3. What was the most surprising thing about the process?

Most surprising? Maybe how quickly it all came together. Sometimes, when you’re working with other creatives for the first time, it takes a minute to get a feel for each other’s vibe. That wasn’t the case here. I told Milad E what I wanted and he delivered beyond expectations.

4. If you had to dedicate the song to someone, who would it be and why?

I’m really gutted by the recent, violent and senseless attacks that have been happening to Asian Americans. I dedicate “Losin’ It” to the victims and survivors. I’m so sorry this is happening to you, but I’m fighting with you and for you.

5. Where does the new release fit into the timeline of your musical journey so far?

The release of “Losin it” is the start of Chapter 2 for me. The first single of a new project. A new sound. A chance for us all to take another step Closer to Closure and for me to tell a bit more of my story.

6. What can fans expect next, musically or otherwise?

First up, a remix of “Losin’ It,” then more new music in May. There’s an album dropping later this year, and music videos, and an electrifying return to the stage. Otherwise, expect lots of bedroom selfies and posts to humor and inspire.

7. What do you do when you're not making music?

I really love hanging out with my husband, binging the latest TV shows and movies, dancin’ around my living room in my underwear, laughing my face off with friends and family, and kickin’ butt out on a tennis court.

8. Where is the best place to find you online?

My fave platform at the moment is Instagram, so I’m most active there. My website is the best place to get any kind of BK swag/merch (https:www,imcalledBrandynKillz.com). You can check out the tunes on your favorite music streaming platform.

Keep up with Brandyn Killz by visiting his website and following him on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

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