"Copper" by Michael Manzi

From the mournful “Norwegian Wood” styled intro, to The Beach Boys inspired harmonies, Michael Manzi’s “Copper” is a musical journey well worth the ride.

It is an elaborately conceived and executed song. I was drawn to the lilting Irish motif at one juncture and an Ecclesiastic tone at another. Ultimately, I heard the great Carl Wilson harmonies at the end of Warren Zevon’s “Desperados Under the Eves”. There is a great deal of wonderful music going on in the song and Manzi is able to marshal all of these divergent influences and create something new and exciting. I love his investment in the words and mastery of all that is going on in the song; musically and emotionally. I’m never sure where the song is going and that is its virtue and value.

The highest praise to “Copper” is that I keep returning to it and keep finding new elements buried in it.

Highly recommend!

- S.W

Pop Journalist and Mad Men binger

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