"Jury Duty" by Henry Mansfield

A great song takes you on a journey through emotional peaks and valleys.

“Jury Duty” masterfully ebbs and flows naturally, just like a day or a year or a lifetime. Starting with a lonely, directionless, slightly dissonant piano motif, Mansfield builds repeating melodic figures around it, gradually incorporating vocals, horns, and a chorus of backup singers as it erupts in a fit of simultaneous jubilance and yearning. It resolves in the end with one massive chord, like the high of stepping off a rollercoaster. The song pushes and pulls, evoking the friction between naivety and wisdom, a snapshot of youth at the precipice of adulthood.

A certain universality pervades the song’s whole atmosphere, surrounding the listener with consoling words that we all need to hear sometimes: “I am not my insecurity.”

Did I mention that it’s also catchy as f***? This song has been on repeat in my head for days.

Well done, Mr. Mansfield.

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Click here to purchase "Jury Duty" on bandcamp.

- Gordon Goldberg

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