Kira on her debut break up anthem, "Retrograde"

"Retrograde" is a beautiful, biting song that you can't listen to without sinking back into your first heartbreak, and we are here for the pain.

This is the debut and breakout hit from Kira Bravo, an up and coming singer/songwriter. Inspired by a terrible college breakup, "Retrograde" chronicles the very real sting and resentment that accompanies any love turned sour in a way that is empowering and danceable. Lines like "I don't got time to waste" and "I would say sorry if I really meant it" establish Kira as the hero in the story as she gracefully navigates her way around the emotional, sticky mess. The dark indie song is unquestionably the classiest, catchiest musical interpretation of "Boy, bye!" I've heard as of late. Kira's lush, powerful vocals and clear narrative make this an essential song in any young person's breakup tool kit: "You can have him anyway", and by the end of the song, you absolutely do not want him. It is recommended by scientists and us that you should use Kira's sharp, biting lyrics as the template for the post it note you stick to the window of "the other girl's" car window.

We can't stop crying and dancing to this dark indie #verifiedbop and look forward to following her as her career develops.

1. What can you tell us about the song?

Retrograde is my first single and it is my baby! It is very near and dear to my heart and it provided me a lot of personal healing and growth. Retrograde went through a lot of different variations sound wise. I was supposed to play this live with a band but the pandemic hit so I decided to release it instead! This song is about a very bad break up that I went through during my sophomore year of university. This person broke up with me and then began going out with someone else after two months when they would repeatedly tell me it isn't healthy to just jump from relationship to relationship (hypocritical, I know).

In more general meaning, it is about when you are in a relationship and you kind of have this idealization of who this person is. Like when mercury is in retrograde. Retrograde means to go backwards, and when mercury is in retrograde the planet mercury goes backwards. Or at least we think it does. It is an optical illusion but Mercury doesn't actually go backwards. Also when Mercury is in Retrograde, it throws everything off balance and just makes everything harder which is why I am saying "Mercury is in retrograde , so he can have you anyways" in other words, everything is already terrible so your new person can have you. I don't even care anymore.

I think the hardest thing to see is someone you love being with someone else and I feel like it is something a lot of people can relate to. Writing Retrograde taught me that self love is important and that feelings are temporary, just like Mercury in Retrograde.

2. What was the process of creating the song?

I wrote this song with my best friend Ivan during this one week where everything was just really bad. He kept saying, "It's because Mercury is in Retrograde" and I was like, "what?", and then we were just sitting in my car laughing about it. I had an urge to throw some loops together and I just started humming to it on my phone and I was pretty much finished writing it in one day. It had only been about two months since a break up that I had and all the feelings were still really new. I wasn't able to write any music for awhile until Retrograde. The lyrics are VERY literal even the part where I say "you make me wanna puke" (seems to be a favorite line of a lot of people).

I really did get physically sick when I saw this person at school since we had class together(and still have class together). I released it on sound cloud as a lo-fi hip hop track but then I decided to audition with it for "songwriters showcase" which is this concert event we have at school and I got in! I played it on guitar then with the band, I played it on piano and from there my talented bandmates added their own taste to it and we spent countless hours practicing.

Then this is when the pandemic hit, and I was very disappointed to say the least. I knew this song was special so I decided to record it in the studio. Shout out to Mike at Modern Fuzz studios for producing it and playing in it. It took about three weeks I think to finish it and have the final mix.

3. What was the most surprising thing about the process?

For me, the most surprising thing about the process was the genre switch. The lo-fi version isn't up on Soundcloud anymore, but believe me when I say that this song grew with me.

4. If you had to dedicate the song to someone, who would it be and why?

If I had to dedicate this song to someone, it would be to the person that this song is about. Kind of ironic, yes, but if they didn't hurt me and did what they did, I wouldn't be at the place I am in life right now. Yes, it hurt a lot and honestly it still does, but it made me self reflect and focus on myself.

5. Where does the new release fit into the timeline of your musical journey so far

This is my first single release so it is really a glimpse of who I am as an artist and what listeners can expect to hear in the future.

6. What can fans expect next, musically or otherwise?

They can definitely expect some collabs with other artists and maybe two more singles for this year!

7. What do you do when you're not making music?

When I am not making music I am filming youtube videos, at the beach, or making tik toks!

Keep up with Kira by following her on Instagram, Tik Tok, and YouTube!

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