"Marigolds" by Sanderling

A timeless work of art!

Much like Van Morrison’s “Astral Weeks”, there is no particular context to the music. It springs on you unexpectedly, takes you by surprise. The song, a polyglot of musical idioms is powered by the assured and persuasive piano of Russell Stone and the Rimbaud-like poetry of Annie Nirschel, a swirl of imagery. Like with “Astral Weeks”, the song creates its’ own emotional landscape, where her “apology” and/or her “mea culpa” gets hopelessly convoluted yet somehow manages to make perfect sense. The commitment to the words are strong. The commitment to the relationship she sings about is irreducibly complex. It is a relationship on the edge, mirroring Rimbaud and Verlaine’s time together.

A beautifully done and resonant piece.


Pop Journalists and Mad Men binger

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