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Sonia Linares on her debut release, "Spirit Fruit"

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

Sonia Linares, a solo artist from Catalonia, Spain, released her debut EP, "Spirit Fruit" in October, 2020. Sonia has been on the scene for over 20 years, writing, composing, and performing whenever the opportunity arises. From concerts with a focus on World Fusion, to working with a Liverpool Spanish Fusion Band, to an appearance at the Southport Jazz Festival, Sonia's eclectic musical history is fully on display in all 4 songs. Reminiscent of early Lana Del Rey and Suzanne Vega, the EP is beautiful and dark in a way that's still hopeful and warm. Sonia's voice is soft and powerful in a way that is haunting and comforting. A truly beautiful collection of new music that pairs nicely with a glass of red wine and a bubble bath.

The EP was released by Intendent label, Marlee Records. Additional credits go to producer, guitarist and keyboard player, David Chueca, with Luis Sieiro on drums, and Nacho Romero on bass.

1. What can you tell us about the new release? My new song is called ¨Go Unknown¨ and it was released in October along with my debut EP ¨Spirit Fruit¨, released independently by Marlee Records and produced by David Chueca Folch. It´s a very much poetic intimate song with that reflects on our relationship with what´s invisible about life and the sensitivity implied in perceiving it.

2. What was the process of creating the song? It just really came to visit me one day! I was playing along with my electric guitar and suddenly I found myself singing the chorus. I kind of remember being drawn by the atmosphere it created and then chords for the verses appeared also, to contribute to the message, to the ¨sonic story¨- a bit dark yet very hopeful, melancholic, creating a special sensitive imaginative space, like a fable. I then presented it to the producer, David Chueca and it reminded us of the songwriting that Cat Power explores in her music. Those sensitive worlds and spaces that emerge also in Lana del Rey and Suzanne Vega´s Music. We tried to use as a ¨guiding light for inspiration" in the production.

3. What was the most surprising thing about the process? The process of creating it! It certainly guided us to its own little world, as if that song had a life of its own and was giving us the little clues as to how to materialize it, how it wanted to be! I believe songs and music are intelligent and they have their own say, if we listen.

4. If you had to dedicate the song to someone, who would it be and why? I would dedicate it to the inspiring songwriters that long to reflect their inner world, such as the ones I just mentioned and those going there, to the unknown, risking opening up and creating their own stories. I would love to let them know that their work is meaningful and their Music helps imagination empower others.

5. Where does the new release fit into the timeline of your musical journey so far? As it is my debut work as a solo artist, this is an incredible journey as I have always worked (and still do) written and performed in bands such as Et-Co and Jazzul. However, this is far more personal in the sense that I have opened a door only I knew about. I have always written songs on my own but had never undergone to the process of making an album, counting on my own skills a songwriter and lyricist. I am so happy that I am already working on writing the next bunch of songs for the next album! Love it!

6. What can fans expect next, musically or otherwise? I am composing at the moment! This time I am taking a bit of the alternative songwriter alley with spices of Americana Chill, Modern Noir Country that I explored on Spirit Fruit yet I am adding a Bluesy feeling, warm with a bit of rhythmic Soul and Surf electric guitar sounds. I am looking at American and English songwriters kind of ´vintage¨ that still resonate and inspire me, such as José Feliciano, Neil Young and The Beatles.

7. What do you do when you're not making music? I love cooking and eating of course, painting, writing stories, little ones that are a bit surrealistic and get me all in the road to the imaginative worlds around us and in us!

Keep up with Sonia by visiting her website, or following her on Twitter and Instagram!

Twitter: @SoniaLinBer

Instagram: @sonix_linares_berroy

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