"Stella Brown", by Jelani Aryeh

Now that is getting down to basics!

Jelani Aryeh’s, “Stella Brown”, is artifice free and infectious. It is a song that plants itself in the musical catalogue of your mind.

He launches directly into the song, no preamble, no count, and the listener is immediately hooked. The repetition of the name “Stella Brown”, so Beatleseque, like the name of one of McCartney’s girlfriends circa 1965. Then the touching and awkward missive, “I don’t know what you want to talk about”.

A love song and study in communication, paring everything down to a Buddy Holly song “I’m Going to Love You To” or “Not Fade Away”. Creating a full story out of a few words, the

minimalist approach, making each word, each inflection matter greatly. His overtures to her, pleading, cajoling, questioning, grow increasingly more determined throughout until a bit of desperation seeps out towards the end.

I’m left wondering who Stella Brown is, but I can visualize her clearly and root for the singer to connect with her.

- S.W

Pop Journalist & Mad Men Binger

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