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The Shrubs on their (sort of) new-release, "Sunflowers"

Full disclosure: "Sunflowers" isn't a new release, but it was new to our Twitter feed, so, new-ish enough to write about, we figured.

"Sunflowers" is the 9th track off of SuperEgo, an album The Shrubs released in April, 2020. The psychedelic brother duo started making music in 2013 and have been diligently forming a sound that is fascinating yet anti "radio-friendly" ever since.

Josh and Miguel are orbiting a flaming hot counter-culture star and using unabashed creativity and analog gear to make a spot that is exclusively theirs in the global indie scene. "Sunflowers" is the best of The Velvet Underground; a song that feels like it could be coming out of a dark club in the East Village sometime in the 60's. It is an all consuming melodic ambience, like a haunted white noise machine. The gorgeous, hypnotic earworm wraps you up in a hug that's too tight; it is comfortingly dizzying.

We would pair this #verifiedbop with an endless loop so you can dance around the kitchen for hours, and a rainbow sorbet.

Congrats to The Shrubs and we can't wait to hear more from this team of cosmic masterminds!

1. What can you tell us about the new release? Well, like I stated before, Sunflowers isn't the latest release, having been released in April on our third LP, SuperEgo. It is actually a darker song thematically, a sort of indictment on mankind, as cliché as that may be lol. Sunflowers are known as reagents, they can be used to help clean up many toxins in the earth, even nuclear waste! I (Miguel) was sitting one day after having learned this and was just picturing what a future planet might look like, once mankind is no longer here. I would imagine that the earth would attempt to balance itself back out again, and Sunflowers would be a key component in cleaning up many of the horrible atrocities that we have committed to her. Hence the chorus, "we grew Sunflowers in the street".

2. What was the process of creating the song? We generally like to work fast, but this one, from start to finish probably only took two or three days if I remember correctly. I (Miguel) wrote it in about an hour after spending some time sorta working it out in my head, like the ominous dissonance I wanted in the music to reflect mankind's dissonance with the planet. The instruments were also pretty minimal in this one, just drums, bass and guitars.

3. What was the most surprising thing about the process?

How good the results were!? Seriously, we knew immediately that this was going to be a good track.

4. If you had to dedicate the song to someone, who would it be and why?

Hmm, it would most likely be more of an indictment on what our social norms have conditioned us to accept as responsible behavior towards the environment than a dedication... but if I had to choose, I suppose to the few remaining pockets of the planet that haven't been drastically altered by man. Like I said, it's a pretty dark song thematically.

5. Where does the new release fit into the timeline of your musical journey so far?

Well, it was a track from the last LP "SuperEgo", which is the third one with our current label, Blossom Records. We have already finished the fourth!

6.. What can fans expect next, musically or otherwise?

Our fourth LP "Bliss" should be released sometime in the Spring of 2021. It will be available on vinyl!

7. What do you do when you're not making music?

We both have a passion for the arts, so we frequent the local museums quite often. Josh also teaches Yoga. Keep up with The Shrubs by following them on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook!

Purchase "Sunflowers" here: Sunflowers | The Shrubs (bandcamp.com)

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