"When You Come Home" EP by Johnnie Gilmore

Has a bass ever whispered into your ear?

Jonnie Gilmore’s recent solo bass EP, “When You Come Home,” is an intimate and expressive affair, breathing as naturally as a human being. Listening to it feels like sitting on the couch next to a friend as they tell you their most personal stories. Underneath the soothing, humming surface of the music lies a subtle restlessness, an intricate mosaic of ever-shifting textures, rhythms, and harmonies. Each song feels like a different story told with care, with parts that repeat but are never played quite the same way twice. A quiet, secluded air envelops a kaleidoscopic murmur of emotion, dressed up with beautiful melodies.

Ultimately, the music feels intensely human, yet never overbearing. It far exceeds the expectations held by most people of what the role of a bass is. Close your eyes and let Johnnie Gilmore’s wordless tales wash over you.

Keep up with Jonnie Gilmore by visiting his website, and follow him on Facebook and Instagram.

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